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Thursday, July 03, 2008

In 2 Samuel 7, David wants to build a temple for God. I can just imagine him: his nation is finally at peace and he is excited to do this good thing for God. He tells his desire to the prophet Nathan who responds encouragingly, “Go, do all that is in your heart, for the LORD is with you.”

Later that night, however, Nathan receives a vision from God saying that David should not build Him a house. God will bless David in other ways and his son, Solomon will build the temple instead.

David’s response to all God says is worship.

. . .

This summer I hoped to be a small group leader at a Christian leadership camp. For weeks and months I hoped and prayed for a staff position. It had been my desire to serve in this way for more than two years before I applied.

Like David, I received encouragement to pursue my aspiration. Like David, the answer was no. The job that I was looking forward to has been given to someone else [at least for the time being, I may apply again next year].

It has been difficult for me to always worship in the midst of my disappointment. God is good, though, and supplies grace when it is needed.

"When I don’t get to have my own way
I will trust in You
For You know what is best
When tears begin to roll down my face
I will trust in You
For You are good, You are good

"Sovereign One
You work all things to Your plan
Sovereign One
You hold all things in Your hands"

-Sovereign Grace Music

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Right Living

“Our salvation is not secured by our right living (thank God), but by the right living of the only perfect sacrifice, Jesus Christ.”
- J.F. Baldwin The Deadliest Monster

Inside St. John Lateran, Rome