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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Why Do You Always Smile?"

It’s a question I have been asked numerous times.

To say I always smile is a bit of an overstatement. Generally, but not always.

This past year has been my most difficult thus far. With a job, college, and life in general, I tend to become stressed. I cry pretty easily too. Still, one can usually find me with a ridiculous grin spread across my face.

When asked this question most recently—during the break at my psychology class—the man asking said something interesting. He implied some people [himself?] might not like the fact that I seem so happy, because they are not happy themselves. It seemed strange to me that someone could resent, and be jealous of my happiness.

Since that night, I’ve been thinking more about why I smile so much.

Is it because I enjoy learning new things every day? Is it because I find excitement in nearly all I do? [well, data entry can get kinda boring—although some of those city names are quite unique.] Is it because I have a lot of good things in my life? Is it because I’m simply thrilled to be alive?

Why do I smile so much?

I think the best answer is the one I told the man in my class: Jesus.

happy are the people whose God is the LORD! – Psalm 144:15b