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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunshine and the Sea

Six hours of driving (north, then west, then south) along winding roads might be worth it.

Kintyre, Scotland

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Picturing Grace

At Capernwray, half of the school attends a seminar on Friday while the other half works. The next week, they switch. I am on the team that listens to the seminar first.
Last week, however, I missed the seminar due to leaving for my outreach in the morning. I enjoy listening to the speaker, so was disappointed to miss it. Yesterday, while the other team attended the seminar, my team had work day.
I attempted to request to go to the seminar, but the rota had already been made and I was needed to help with the duties. My job would be working on some craft projects. I know I cannot skip, and honestly do not mind doing the work, but I still wanted to go to the seminar rather than attempt to listen to the recording.
On Friday morning, prepared to do my duty, I went early to talk to my supervisor. Upon briefly explaining my situation, she immediately said, “Go to the seminar!” Expressing my thankfulness, I hurried to the conference hall. All I could think was, “Thank You, Jesus!” This is an illustration of God’s grace to me. My request could easily have been rejected. There was no reason I should skip work, but my supervisor allowed it. She didn’t even want me to make up the work later. There is no reason God should forgive my sin, but He did. I cannot earn God's favour, it is freely given.
I think I enjoyed the seminar even more than I would have otherwise. Knowing I could have missed it increased my gratefulness to attend. I was glad to be there and very encouraged by it.