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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Things Above

Last night I finished reading Ted Dekker's book The Slumber of Christianity. It has to be my favourite of his works.
The subtitle is: Awakening a Passion for Heaven on Earth. That's what is did for me. Now my mind is screaming, "AGH! I want to go there!"
Heaven is our home
Where we'll live together
Shining like the sun
With our King forever
Heaven is our home
Heaven is our home
I can hardly wait to get there. Home. With Jesus. Forever.
That's one of the things I can't get my mind around. Eternity. The last couple of nights I've lain awake in bed pondering it. Everything I know has an end. All the good books I've ever read ended. All the times I've enjoyed with friends ended. Someday, my life will have ended. But heaven doesn't end. Never. Never. Never. It makes me want to laugh. With Him forever.
Oh, just imagine it.
"I say with Paul, fix your mind on heaven. Fascinate your mind with Christ, and fan into flames a vision of the afterlife.
Obsess after the bliss that awaits you as a joint heir with Christ in heaven." (The Slumber of Christianity)
Come quickly, Lord!


Kirk said...

Hi! My name is Kirsten.
I think you have some really neat stuff on here. Keep it up!

Soldier of ONE said...

Wow. That's all I can say when I think of Heaven. My mom is currently reading that book and I can't wait to read it after she gets done. I start to think of Heaven and I just get overwhelmed. I can't wrap my mind around that eternity thing, not to mention the thought of being in our Creator's presence forever!! Yet I know it's what we were created to experience. Can't wait to get there! :)