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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Lot Of...

My English teacher told me not to use the phrase 'a lot.' But I am going to anyway. A lot.

Here in England, there is a lot of grey sky. We have a lot of rain. We also have a lot of sunshine. Sometimes we have a lot of rainbows. Compared to many, I don't have a lot of roommates. Above are two-thirds of them. They are from Canada. There are a lot of Canadians here. There are also a lot of people from the US.

There is a lot of green here. There are a lot of hills. There are a lot of stone walls. There are a lot of sheep. And a lot of cows. But mostly a lot of sheep.

I like this place a lot.

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lady greenleaf said...

I like this.........

....A lot.