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Friday, November 11, 2005

City Asks For Grace

One hundred years ago, there was a great revival in my city. Earlier this week, several members of my family went to the Convention Center along with about 3,000 other Christians to pray for another revival.
When we got there, a huge line was waiting to get inside the building. Walking past it all, we saw numerous people from our church. Finally inside, they had to open another divider to make room for all the people.
I'd never been in a room with so many people singing 'Great is Thy Faithfulness.' From where I stood a dozen rows from the back, it was sometimes hard to hear those miniature-looking people on the stage.
We watched a short video with pictures of the 1905 revival and people talking about what had happened then, and what is happening now.
Well-known members of the community, from businessmen, to legislators, to media personnel, prayed for their respective areas of expertise. Some asked the audience to simply bow their heads, others asked the audience to bow on their knees, and others still asked the audience to stand and lift up their hands.
It was requested of God that another revival take place, not exactly the same as in 1905, but in a new and powerful way.
"Today, millions of men and women are...called to full-time ministry in the marketplace: business, education and government. Some have great influence on mainstream society; others are unsung heroes with low profiles. Each of them, however, has been divinely called to bring the Kingdom of God to the heart of the city." - Jim Hargis

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