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Monday, November 07, 2005


I like making connections with things. Seeing similarities between one class and another, between ideas I have and books I read, between stories I hear on the radio and God's word. Last Monday evening, my family watched a live rendition of the Old Time Radio drama War of the Worlds. While observing I noticed similarities between the cast's relationship with the director, and the Christian's relationship with God.

  • Without the director, the performance would not go well. At all. Without God, life would be flawed.
  • The script is very important, like the Bible, the cast must memorize sections and be familiar with it. It they don't have this, they won't know their important duties.
  • When it's time for the actor to say his lines, he must not only look at his script, but watch the director to recognize when to begin. Before the performance, however, he must know the director, else he won't understand his signals. In the same way, the Christian must be familiar with God and pay heed to His direction.
  • At Monday's performance, I noticed that one man missed his line. It didn't hinder the story, but the person talking before him, must not have seen him near the microphone, so just kept going. I didn't see the one who was speaking look to the director. If he had, as well as looking to see where his fellow cast member was, the other may have been able to participate in that scene. The Christian needs to pay close attention, or he will miss out on opportunites. Also, he needs to be paying close attention to his fellow Christians to allow them to participate in opportunities.

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