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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On the Amazing Power of Prayer

Praying is absolutely magnificent!
Several weeks ago, my sister and I walked around our neighborhood for four hours trying to sell Entertainment books in order to earn our way to camp. We walked all the way down to the busy street and back without a single sale. One lady did give us ten bucks as a donation, but that was nearly two hours of knocking on doors and talking to strangers and trying to keep grinning and wishing my messenger-bag was not quite so heavy. We went home for a breather and some water before setting out again. While we were there, my mom prayed for us. The next two hours were highly productive; we made another forty-six dollars and twenty-five cents. [that's better than minimum wage!]
I don't think that it's coincidence or just because we went to a better street. God listens to and cares about His children. I've evidenced it myself many times.
This does, however, bring back that thought...

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